The ASV Association (Association for Vipassana Support)

The Association for Vipassana Support (ASV) works to offer meditation courses to former students* of SN Goenka and his assistant teachers, in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin.

The ASV also offers Anapana courses (observation of breath) to children and teenagers, for a first course or to deepen the technique.

Courses are held at Dhamma Nilaya.

* Former students are those who have already completed a full 10-day Vipassana meditation course in this tradition.


Organization of the ASV

All around the world, associations have been created by people practicing this meditation technique in order to offer Vipassana meditation courses according to the teachings of S.N. Goenka. These local associations are independent and recognized by national governments; they are the only ones able to provide Vipassana courses in this tradition. They all operate according to the same principles, with a non-sectarian and non-commercial character.

The Association for Vipassana Support in France was created on October 4, 1996 (under the name of ASV – Association for Vipassana Support). It is a non-profit organization whose statutes are governed by the 1901 law, and its management is disinterested. Its purpose is to develop and promote Vipassana meditation according to the teachings of Mr. S.N. Goenka, in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin and the lineage of teachers that goes back to the Buddha. Its main objective is the organization of Vipassana meditation courses and all related activities. The association independently manages the Dhamma Nilaya meditation house; it is also linked with the Vipassana association that manages the Dhamma Mahi meditation center.

It operates according to the following modalities:



Anyone who has completed a full 10-day Vipassana course is called an "old student." They can freely offer their services during dedicated times during one-day courses or during service periods communicated via the information list.

In this way, the operation of the courses is ensured by old students who have already benefited from this meditation technique and wish to share it with others.

Board meetings generally take place every two months. Assistant teachers and old students present at these meetings participate in the discussion and decision-making process, which is based not on the rule of the majority but on consensus. All the work of board members and assistant teachers is voluntary.



All operating expenses – from buildings to course organization – are covered by donations from students who, after having attended a course and having experienced the benefits themselves, wish to offer the same opportunity to others. In this way, Vipassana organizations are entirely funded by donations from those who have attended a course. The boards of Vipassana associations worldwide are not involved in any commercial activities.

The services provided to the association by its various members are done voluntarily and cannot be subject to remuneration, with the exception of rare functions and needs that require experience, regular presence, and continuity over a period of one year or more. Teachers, assistant teachers, and board members, in particular, receive no material remuneration for their service.

If you would like to support the association, you can make a donation on site during your visit or make a transfer to the association's account. Please contact [email protected] to obtain the bank details and procedure for the transfer.